Who Wants to Discuss Cobra Kai?

First of all - no spoilers - so don't worry if you haven't seen the series Cobra Kai yet. OMG why haven't you watched Cobra Kai yet? Seriously, go out and watch it now. Sorry if there are any typos, I'm writing this while watching Cobra Kai. I couldn't wait to share this with everyone because this is the thing that makes up for 2020.

Who Wants to Discuss Cobra Kai?2020-08-30T13:00:13-05:00

Let’s Talk about 13 Reasons Why

By now you've heard all the hype about the Netflix series, so let's talk about 13 Reasons Why, shall we? This is about my 5th attempt at writing about the show, and it probably won't be my last.  Before we go any further **** Major Spoiler Alert**** don't read anymore if you haven't seen it and don't want to know what happens. 13 Reasons Why

Let’s Talk about 13 Reasons Why2017-04-28T17:02:28-05:00

Top 3 Things to do Online After the Kids have Gone to Bed

There are some people who after a long day of work and looking after their children just end up sitting in front of their TV bored out of their minds, just waiting for the next day to come. This is not the way for people to live and so if you find yourself like this there are definitely a few things that you could change.

Top 3 Things to do Online After the Kids have Gone to Bed2014-01-08T06:27:39-06:00

Stop Trying To Bomb New York City!

For crying out loud terrorists, stop trying to bomb New York City! Why do you hate us so much? When I say 'us' I don't really mean us since I don't live anywhere near NYC, but I do mean 'us' as in U.S. Stop it, you're pissing me off. Midtown Manhattan is closed at the moment because of a suspicious cooler left on the street.

Stop Trying To Bomb New York City!2010-05-07T13:20:41-05:00

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