First of all – no spoilers – so don’t worry if you haven’t seen the series Cobra Kai yet.

OMG why haven’t you watched Cobra Kai yet? Seriously, go out and watch it now.

Sorry if there are any typos, I’m writing this while watching Cobra Kai. I couldn’t wait to share this with everyone because this is the thing that makes up for 2020.

I know, it’s actually been around for a couple years, but it just dropped on Netflix this past Friday so now everyone can see it.

Cobra Kai picks up 33 years after the original movie. It really helps if you watch the original movie, but if you can’t or won’t you’ll still enjoy the series.

Both the main characters are in the new series and there’s liberal use of footage from the original film.

Cobra Kai is EXACTLY what we need as a society to heal from all that has broken us these last few months, no years, wait maybe even decades.

It’s cheesy, the acting isn’t Oscar worthy at all, but that doesn’t matter because the story is real. So real.

OMG we haven’t seen a series this real since probably the 90s.

Cobra Kai flies in the face of all that is politically correct – so if you’re easily offended by words this is probably not the series for you, and yet that’s just who really needs to see this series.

Cobra Kai is about redemption, it is about change, and growth.

Cobra Kai is the best thing you will see in the year 2020.

Go watch it now!!!!

Also, if you’ve seen it, I need to discuss…