How to Fit in When Visiting the Twin Cities for the Super Bowl

If you're wondering how to fit in when visiting the Twin Cities for the Super Bowl, I'll save you all kinds of time. You can't. Sure, you can dress warmly (though that is the first clue you aren't from here), and you can even adopt a quasi Fargo accent, you still won't fit in. Hell, I was born here and have lived here for most

How to Fit in When Visiting the Twin Cities for the Super Bowl2018-01-29T05:46:30-06:00

Twin Cities, we aren’t that stupid are we?

The powers that be in Minneapolis and St. Paul have decided to rename the Twin Cities "Minneapolis St. Paul More to Life". They spent 1.5 million to come up with and then market that really stupid slogan. What the hell are they smoking? This has to be one of the most asinine things I have ever heard. Apparently there are several "Twin Cities" and confusion

Twin Cities, we aren’t that stupid are we?2020-07-10T20:28:59-05:00

It Must Be Winter

My body has finally admitted that it is indeed winter. I have been coasting through the season so far wearing jeans and t-shirts and subsisting on salads and light meals. I had been able to rise early and stay up late with no effect. As of last week I have been bundled up in at least three layers of clothing that is neither stylish nor

It Must Be Winter2008-01-23T17:22:00-06:00

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