My body has finally admitted that it is indeed winter. I have been coasting through the season so far wearing jeans and t-shirts and subsisting on salads and light meals. I had been able to rise early and stay up late with no effect. As of last week I have been bundled up in at least three layers of clothing that is neither stylish nor attractive. The stretchier the better to get more layers underneath. I wear slippers like my grandmother’s around the house. I have also started carb loading and chocolate loading. I realize that chocolate is in fact a carb but while I can easily cut out carbs like bread and pasta I cannot forego my beloved chocolate at any time of the year. I have been craving rich, warm pasta swimming in any kind of cream sauce. I have gone in search of the largest, juiciest burger with gobs of greasy fries on the side. I actually ordered soup in a restaurant. I wake at the normal time to feed the animals but then stumble to the couch to sleep for another hour until the kids have to leave for school. I’m in bed by 9pm.

The days are getting longer, for a month now this has been happening. The added light feels wonderful but it isn’t enough. How in God’s name do people live like this six months out of the year? It’s only January for crying out loud and it isn’t going to be warm, as in no need to heat the house warm, for another three months. I don’t think I’m going to make it. My skin is dry and itchy and no matter how much lotion I slather on each day it doesn’t seem to have any affect except of course that I can’t turn a doorknob without pulling my hand inside my numerous sleeves and grasping the doorknob through my clothing.

With the writer’s strike in full force there is nothing new to watch on TV. Thankfully this is an election year, and what an election season it has been so far, but that is educational. I have to pay attention and I have to think. I want mind numbing TV shows so I can properly hibernate. I have read my winter allotment of books already and have nothing left that interests me. I’m reading faster than they can publish.