Big Mac Hot Dish

If you're looking for comfort food, this Big Mac Hot Dish is just the thing on a cold winter day. Seriously, it's really tasty and super easy to make.  I grew up on Tang and Pop Tarts, going to McDonald's was a rare thing in my family and quite a treat when it did happen. The only reason to go to McDonald's back then was

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Has it really come to this?

I was all set to make a salmon with lime and corn salsa for dinner but ran out of time and tin foil so I asked the kids and they decided McDonald's was the answer. My daughter wanted a Happy Meal and son wanted everything else. The toy for the Happy Meal is some American Idol thing that will be forgotten before the meal is

Has it really come to this?2008-04-16T18:23:00-05:00

When did the customer stop being right?

What has happened to customer service? I took my kids to the drive thru at the golden arches last week and commented to my boy about the people who take the orders and who fill the orders. I said they were always so nice and courteous which has been my experience with McDonald's. The people on the intercom are always pleasant and patient as my

When did the customer stop being right?2008-02-20T17:20:00-06:00

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