I was all set to make a salmon with lime and corn salsa for dinner but ran out of time and tin foil so I asked the kids and they decided McDonald’s was the answer. My daughter wanted a Happy Meal and son wanted everything else.

The toy for the Happy Meal is some American Idol thing that will be forgotten before the meal is finished. It’s some little guy in a backwards baseball hat with a microphone. The picture of the toy on the drive thru menu has the international sign for the toy makes lots of obnoxious noise ))) so I assume it sings or something. Daughter gets it and turns it on and now the toy is doing non stop beat boxing. Great.

As I am gathering the bits of wrapper and such I notice the directions for the toy.

Is this really necessary? Have we dumbed down our children so much that they need a picture to work this simple toy? How many trees have died because of this one toy? I blame all the lawyers for this. Remember the woman who sued for millions because she was burned by her coffee and now they have to warn everyone that indeed the coffee is hot. I wonder if an over zealous lawyer of McDonald’s Corp said “You know one day someone is going to get a Happy Meal toy and they won’t be able to operate it. The kid will be crying and the mom will be fussing with it while trying to drive and get into a car accident and sue the pants off of us because she couldn’t figure out the toy. Put directions in each of these toys and you can prevent a lawsuit.”

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