Ask and You Shall Receive, Unless it’s After 9pm

Yesterday, as I was writing my post about wanting to get the kids out of the house for an extended period, I was contemplating the fact that I haven't posted much and yesterday's post was simply phoning it in. I have nothing to bitch about I thought to myself. Which in and of itself is pretty good. My kids are healthy, my relationships with their

Ask and You Shall Receive, Unless it’s After 9pm2009-08-26T09:23:00-05:00

When Pigs Fly

The other night as I was working on my post about removal companies in the UK, I was startled to hear my daughter crying, loudly. She had been in bed for about a half hour so the house was quiet and I thought she was asleep. It was a real cry, not the kind of cry that means I don't want to go to bed

When Pigs Fly2009-05-07T08:11:00-05:00

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