How Not To Leave a Comment Part 2

Last week Kathy, from the Junk Drawer, got all kinds of media attention for her post about the loud Sun Chips bag. She made a video, months ago, about the bag and posted it on her site and YouTube.  After a little self promotion the story was picked up by The Wall Street Journal, CNN and The Today Show.  All the links are in the

How Not To Leave a Comment Part 22010-08-23T08:58:36-05:00

What Women Want

What do women want? Since time began men have been pulling their hair out trying to answer this question. If men could just figure out what women want their lives would be so much easier and peaceful. Unfortunately most men try to find the answer to this question by asking their buddies, usually single buddies. They never go to the source to find the answer

What Women Want2010-05-12T10:55:47-05:00

Everybody Pees

That isn't quite as revolutionary as "Everybody Poops" but still, it is true. There isn't anything to be ashamed about when it comes to peeing, except if you call it urinating and then it's just weird. The reason I mention the whole pee thing is that the other day I was peeing. Let me back track for a second. My bathroom is above the water

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