My Mother Passed Away

Every January I get a bee in my bonnet about starting to blog again. This year was no different and I wrote two whole posts before I stopped writing. I was fired up about accountability and Cancel Culture. I still am, but no one else seems too concerned so it's like screaming into the wind. I had every intention of blogging more - I was

My Mother Passed Away2021-09-21T13:55:46-05:00

Rest In Peace

I visited my dad at the cemetery today. It was a beautiful day, just like the one when we buried him 14 years ago this month. I told all about the pandemic and what a crazy ride it had been since he died. The cemetery is a beautiful place with markers laid in the ground rather than standing up at the head of the grave.

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On the Passing of Prince – From a Minnesotan

I was in the car with my daughter Thursday morning when we heard the news that Prince had died. We were going to Ikea, driving along 494 through Burnsville, Mn. My daughter is in charge of the radio while we drive and had just switched from satellite radio to a local station, Cities 97 if you're wondering, when we caught the tail end of the

On the Passing of Prince – From a Minnesotan2016-04-23T11:46:40-05:00

But He Really Is Dead

My father died three years ago. I know he died because I was in the hospital room with him as he died. I was at the funeral and even arranged for his ashes to be contained in a Mason Jar. My father loved canning vegetables and had amassed quiet a few cases of the jars. He was also cheap and so it seemed like the

But He Really Is Dead2010-02-24T10:02:20-06:00

Nancy Kerrigan’s Father Killed by Her Brother But It’s Still All About Nancy

I'm already going to hell for my post on the Pope and the blogging priests so I might as well continue down that road. If you missed it on the news this morning, Nancy Kerrigan's father died when his son put his hands around his neck (and presumably squeezed) when the father refused to let the son use the phone. Watch the video and listen

Nancy Kerrigan’s Father Killed by Her Brother But It’s Still All About Nancy2010-01-26T12:45:44-06:00

I Do Believe In Spooks

"I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks" -Cowardly Lion I'm not a religious person but for some reason I have had many ghost sightings in my life. Most of them occurred when I was a child but they were so vivid they have stayed with me all these many many years. I have had episodes of ESP

I Do Believe In Spooks2009-04-21T14:20:00-05:00

Let’s Play a Game

I played a game yesterday that I haven't played in a long time. If you are a parent you know the game, Imagine The Worst Possible Thing. You play the game by imagining the worst possible thing that could happen to your children. This game usually starts as soon as they exit your womb and enter the world. Often it starts before that. It is

Let’s Play a Game2009-02-05T07:37:00-06:00

Damn Cat

I hate my cat. I am not a cat person, apologies to all of you who are but I have a cat for one reason only. To kill the bugs and little rodents around my house. Actually I don't have mice in my house anymore unless the damn cat brings one in but when we lived at our other house she was a veritable mouse

Damn Cat2008-12-16T06:13:00-06:00

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