I’m already going to hell for my post on the Pope and the blogging priests so I might as well continue down that road.

If you missed it on the news this morning, Nancy Kerrigan’s father died when his son put his hands around his neck (and presumably squeezed) when the father refused to let the son use the phone.

Watch the video and listen for the violins.

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First of all let me say that this is a tragedy and I am in no way making fun of the death of Mr. Kerrigan and I am truly sorry for Nancy’s losses here.

That said the reporter, Jeff Rossen, has a hard on for Nancy. Did you notice how he said “she can’t catch a break”?


It was 16 years ago that Nancy got her knee whacked by Jeff Gillooly, the ex husband of trailer trash skater Tonya Harding. And now this. In those sixteen years Nancy won two Olympic medals, got married, popped out three kids and has performed in Blades of Glory with Will Ferrel and also Skating with Celebrities. She also created The Nancy Kerrigan Foundation which raises awareness and support for the visually impaired. Not bad achievements in 16 years. In fact she seems to have led a rather charmed and quiet life for the last 16 years.

That sounds like a rather long break to me.

Most people her age have suffered considerably more than she has in those 16 years.

Hell, in the last 16 years I have buried a child, miscarried four children, divorced twice, gone out of business twice, lost my father and had to put my mother into a nursing home (by far the most challenging thing I have done so far).

I know people who have been paralyzed and yet never complain. I know people who have lost their jobs and then their homes. I know people who have lost children to suicide. There are people raising children with special needs, children who will never have the opportunities that Nancy had. Hell, there are a whole mess of people in Haiti right now who have nothing and who didn’t have much before the earthquake hit.

Again, it is a tragedy that her father was killed and it is even worse that it was at the hands of her brother but c’mom, she has had a charmed life except for these two incidents. And she had one up until she got her knee whacked back in ’94.

Maybe it’s just me but after seeing the  “Why me” clip over and over again I couldn’t help but think, just a little, that I understood why Tonya Harding wanted to mess her up just a bit. Sure she wanted to win the gold medal and Nancy was standing in her way but there was more to it than that.

Who didn’t secretly think to themselves yay, Tonya, finally someone knocked one of these people down. You know those people, the kind who get everything handed to them. I know Nancy probably worked her ass off to skate as well as she did but Tonya was, by all accounts, a better skater and yet everyone knew she couldn’t compete with Nancy and her all American good looks and her American Dream.

Tonya skated better but she didn’t look as refined as Nancy. She worked harder, most likely, and when she realized she wasn’t going to beat her on the rink she took it upon herself to win. She hired her ex husband and her body guard to attack Nancy. That takes some balls, not brains however. And of course it was the wrong thing to do. But who hasn’t fantasized about eliminating the competition? Tonya just took it one step further.

I’m sorry her father was killed, I’m also sorry her brother is the one who did it, but for crying out loud can’t it simply be a tragic news story? This really isn’t about Nancy and yet the media are making it sound as if she has had nothing but horrible things happen to her.

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