I Should Have Won Something By Now

Let me first say I don't buy cereal or any product because of the promotions on the packages. I buy cereal that my kids like because I don't want to get up early and cook them breakfast. If they want Toasty Chunks of High Fructose Corn Sugar Puffs to start their day I'm right there with them, with a spoon. I tried buying the healthy

I Should Have Won Something By Now2011-01-12T09:58:30-06:00

How Did We Survive?

Originally this post was going to be about awkward family photos. In the another blogger gets a book deal file is this fun site about awkward family photos. I figured I could post a few of my family photos that were just as awkward. The post was going to be a little on the snarky side because I am jealous of any blogger who seems

How Did We Survive?2020-10-15T14:28:32-05:00

Has it really come to this?

I was all set to make a salmon with lime and corn salsa for dinner but ran out of time and tin foil so I asked the kids and they decided McDonald's was the answer. My daughter wanted a Happy Meal and son wanted everything else. The toy for the Happy Meal is some American Idol thing that will be forgotten before the meal is

Has it really come to this?2008-04-16T18:23:00-05:00

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