I Did Pretty Good

Not too long ago I was talking to my ex husband's wife, my son's step mom. This is not a rip on the new wife post so don't get all I hate my ex husband's new wife on me. I like this woman. If I was going to be replaced by anyone I couldn't think of a better person to replace me. Of course, she

I Did Pretty Good2010-02-27T13:43:10-06:00

US Bank Sucks

I bank at US Bank. They suck. Let me explain. Last week a client sent me a check, a good sized check. The check should have arrived in one to two days. As of yesterday it had still not arrived. Auto payments were beginning to hit my account causing a negative balance along with over draft fees of $37.50 each. I spoke with the client,

US Bank Sucks2010-02-03T11:46:24-06:00

A Hypothetical

Here's a hypothetical question for you all. I'd really like to hear from the guys on this one because I am perplexed. There's this ex husband #2 (ok, so it isn't really hypothetical) he was laid off a couple of weeks ago and the prospects in this area are not very good. He has been given an opportunity through his union to go to Vegas

A Hypothetical2009-04-23T15:39:00-05:00

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