Can’t Muster Anymore Outrage

Between all the many terrorist attacks, stupid things President Trump tweets or what stupid thing a washed up celebrity has said, I just can't muster anymore outrage.  I want to be upset, I do. I mean the fact that Kathy Griffin hired an attorney because she believes the Trumps are going after her and dooming her career - because she hired a photographer to take

Can’t Muster Anymore Outrage2017-06-05T14:59:14-05:00


MINNEAPOLIS LANDMARKS TO TURN PURPLE IN HONOR OF PRINCE AND PAISLEY PARK’S CELEBRATION 2017 EVENT   Paisley Park Encourages Cities, Landmarks and Fans Around the World to Join in the Purple Tribute   Chanhassen, Minn. (April 17, 2017) – As the world marks the first anniversary of Prince’s passing, Minneapolis landmarks will join Paisley Park in celebrating the life and legacy of Prince by turning


Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce From What’s-His-Name After 72 Days

And I thought my marriages were short! Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from her husband, whose name escapes me, after just 72 days. Not coincidentally, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce on the 30th anniversary of Harry Potter's parents death. I have no idea what either of those have to do with one another but thought it was interesting. Kim Kardashian doesn't have the shortest

Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce From What’s-His-Name After 72 Days2011-10-31T14:30:05-05:00

I Saw a Celebrity!

For the last couple of weeks I have been painting a house for my ex husband.  Apparently there is close to nothing I won't due to earn money. Ex#1 is a real estate agent, he is currently specializing is foreclosed houses which need to be cleaned up and painted. He asked if I wanted the jobs and I jumped at the chance. I like painting,

I Saw a Celebrity!2010-03-26T08:55:33-05:00

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