Can We Have It All?

There's been a lot of talk in the media lately about women in the work place. Can we have it all? is the question being put forth once again with no clear or easy answer. Can we have it all? Can women have both a family and a successful and fulfilling career? Not according to Anne-Marie Slaughter we can't. I'm lucky enough to be able

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Are your carpets really clean?

Mine aren't. I know they aren't because when I walk into my house the smell of dog butt and dog feet slaps me in the nose. If you don't have a dog you don't these smells, cats don't smell like this, they smell worse. If you have a dog you know exactly what these two smells are like. They aren't necessarily bad, certainly not tear

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Top Facebook Fan Pages

If you're like me you've spent some time trying to use social media sites like Facebook to increase your blog traffic. If you're like me you might have gotten a little overwhelmed by all that can be done with social media to increase traffic but because most of us don't have people we have a hard time finding extra time to use social media the

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Where to go when it’s time to start investing

As a freelance writer I don't worry too much about investing. I don't have people to take care of my portfolio because, well, I don't have a portfolio. But if I did  I would be all over getting myself someone for funds management. That's the nice thing about being a freelance writer, you never have to worry about making too much money. It's simply not

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Subway Catering Win a $50 Gift Card

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Did you know that Subway (Five, Five Dollar, Five Dollar Foot Long) does catering? I'm pretty sure I knew this in the back of my head somewhere because years ago we had a massive party with a 3 foot sub that fed everyone with leftovers. I know for sure that Subway does catering because they have asked me to talk about their catering

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Tanks of Thanks from Cenex

Cenex, one of those big bad oil companies, is giving away tanks of gas to people who give back to their own community. Tanks of Thanks is a program to give something back to the people who go out of their way to give something back to their community. (Nominate me, nominate me!!!) If you know someone who deserves a little recognition, and some free

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Blogging for Your Business

I work with a lot of companies that want to get their name out there on the web but who just don't know how to do it. They know they aren't using the internet to its fullest marking potential but don't know how to use the internet to their advantage either. Often times they will have a website, usually created by a friend or family

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And The Winner Is….

The winner of last week's Polaroid Digital Camcorder is Junebug! Congratulations Junebug for winning this much needed camcorder. I can't wait to see all the things you take videos of. Thank you to all who entered, please check out their entries as well as they were all great. Thomas from 101 Things in 1001 Days June from The Neurosis Files JBormanm from The Mall Mamma

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Why I Don’t Work in The Corporate World Anymore

Title: Technical Writer General Job Purpose: Maintain and ensure document integrity, readability and consistency, and provide information and challenge current systems to best utilize document/written communication technologies. General Responsibilities:  1. Exercises a high degree of technical autonomy, while actively promoting and participating in cross-functional teamwork environments. 2. Performs analyses to develop document clarity, consistency, formatting and readability. 3. Takes a leading role in providing technical

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