Mine aren’t. I know they aren’t because when I walk into my house the smell of dog butt and dog feet slaps me in the nose. If you don’t have a dog you don’t these smells, cats don’t smell like this, they smell worse. If you have a dog you know exactly what these two smells are like. They aren’t necessarily bad, certainly not tear inducing like the cat smell, but they are distinctive and not in a good puppy smell kind of way.

I need to get my carpets cleaned. I usually do it myself, I rent a machine from the local hardware store and then drag it across my rugs until I run out solution. This doesn’t mean my carpets smell any better however they are now wet, too wet, and will need to take the next four days to dry out.

I need to hire a carpet cleaning service but I don’t have a clue which one to hire here in the midwest. I know I would like to hire a NYC carpet cleaning outfit but I don’t think they come out here.

Just look at these guys out in NYC…Not only do they offer to clean your carpets (and for surprisingly less than they do out here in the flyover states) but they also offer rug repair, duct cleaning and even leather cleaning!

Dang, I wish I lived in NYC.