Loves Me Some Action Movies

Cover of Die Hard [Blu-ray] Some of you may not know this about me but I am a huge Die Hard fan. I never thought I was an action movie type person. It was my grandfather who introduced me to all the classics. I grew up watching The Three Stooges, all the Pink Panther movies and any musical ever made. The most action packed

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Let me eat cake!

(Do you have any idea how many people, when writing about cake, use the title 'Let them eat cake'? Lots, so I changed the title of this post to something more accurate but less French.) Today is my birthday and I am going to have cake! I've never been so excited about cake before but that's what happens when you give up carbs for New

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Just in Time for Christmas…Holiday Depression

I was blazing through the season.  I put up my lights and started decorating the house for the holidays, I watched animated Christmas specials from the 70's with my six year old, and enjoyed them more than she did. I baked and baked. And then I hit the wall. I don't know what happened except that the reality of the season probably took over. I

Just in Time for Christmas…Holiday Depression2009-12-11T21:35:25-06:00

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