(Do you have any idea how many people, when writing about cake, use the title ‘Let them eat cake’? Lots, so I changed the title of this post to something more accurate but less French.)

Today is my birthday and I am going to have cake!

I’ve never been so excited about cake before but that’s what happens when you give up carbs for New Year’s. For those of you who still eat carbs (you suck) you have no idea what it’s like to go a whole 16 days without carbs. Specifically chocolate.

I’m pretty sure we weren’t meant to do that.

I’m not a huge cake fan, certainly not like Cardiogirl who lives for cake. In fact she knows that cakes often get thrown out over in this house and suggested I send the leftover birthday cake to her. I may just do that.

Deny yourself something and it starts looking really good. Who knew?

I have been thinking about cake, birthday cake, for the last three or four days. I’ve been so looking forward to my day with cake that I’ve been unable to concentrate on much of anything. I watched two episodes of Cake Boss last night and even Cupcake Wars. If you saw my Facebook status update last night you know that both Armageddon and Die Hard were on TV last night (my all time favorite movies and no I don’t have a thing for Bruce Willis {okay, maybe just a little leftover crush from the days of Moonlighting but now that he has been with Demi he’s kinda tainted in my book even though he seems really mellow}) so for me to watch shows about baking instead of the awesomeness that is Bruce Willis saving the world is pretty telling. I won’t even get started on what a waste of time shows about baking are. Is there really that much arguing and fighting going on in bakeries?

Even bad cake is good cake

I don’t know what kind of cake I am going to have but I can tell you that since I will be the one who has to bake it it won’t look like the cakes on those TV shows. It will be a bundt cake because I can’t find my other cake pans. Being a bundt cake means it will be all misshapen on the sides because cakes never come out of the pan without ripping apart. I don’t even care because cake is like sex. Even bad cake is good cake. I suspect it will be chocolate.

So here is to me and my cake on my birthday!