I Am Such A Doofus

For the last six or so months my truck has not moved. It would only start if I gave it a jump. This was not a huge problem, I have a car that works just fine but the boy uses the truck. I bought the truck, a '96 Tahoe, in '98. It had 90,000 miles on it when I bought it but it's big ass

I Am Such A Doofus2010-04-07T10:26:53-05:00

eBay still bites

I'm still trying to get rid of stuff on eBay. I didn't mean to post again about it but apparently a few people feel pretty strongly about the whole thing. The people have changed. They used to be helpful, it used to be a nice community of people. In the last couple weeks I have listed about 75 items. My descriptions are as detailed as

eBay still bites2009-06-07T13:52:00-05:00

I Got My Mojo Back… I Think

I do believe I have gotten my mojo back. I finally got another car. After a week of searching on line and in real life I bought a Hyundai Tuscan. I'm frankly surprised at how depressing the whole thing was. While I initially was philosophical about the accident, maybe even flippant, it soon dawned on me that not having a reliable vehicle was a pain

I Got My Mojo Back… I Think2009-04-03T10:14:00-05:00

Why the Big Three Automakers Need a Bailout

Because they build sucky, ugly ass cars. Except for my first car, which was a Ford, I have driven nothing but Chevrolets. I like to buy American, but the automakers don't make it easy to support them. I spent the last several days researching vehicles online. I spent yesterday at a dealership test driving several cars. I hate car shopping. I drove the Aveo, the

Why the Big Three Automakers Need a Bailout2009-03-29T08:19:00-05:00

The Road Test

The boy took his driver's license exam today. The road test for the real license. I took the test when I was 15. Because of my mother's handicap I was given a B license that allowed me to drive without a parent or adult to and from the pharmacy, doctor's office or other errands my mother might need. I was not allowed to drive around

The Road Test2009-03-04T16:29:00-06:00

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