I do believe I have gotten my mojo back. I finally got another car. After a week of searching on line and in real life I bought a Hyundai Tuscan.

I’m frankly surprised at how depressing the whole thing was. While I initially was philosophical about the accident, maybe even flippant, it soon dawned on me that not having a reliable vehicle was a pain in the ass. I was not without transportation however, I still had my old truck which sometimes started if the stars were aligned properly, but I avoided using it as much as possible since I didn’t want it to break down and then have to pay to have it towed and fixed. It’s a great back up/emergency vehicle but not something I can rely on. Not unlike my ex husbands now that I think about it.

After my horrible experience at the Chevrolet dealership I went to a Hyundai dealership which was way out of the way but a freind is a mechanic there and said he knew a guy who could take care of me. And he did. It was a completely different experience.

The process of finding a vehicle was quick, possibly since I knew what I did not want. The salesman didn’t try to to sell me anything I didn’t need and in fact told me I didn’t need all the packages that were offered. Best yet when my daughter vomited in the middle of the showroom no one flinched. They asked if she was okay, got her some water and then went to get a mop. Being a veteran mom I had it cleaned up before they returned with said mop but they were very nice about the whole thing. My daughter gets car sick and driving 40 miles in my truck which is in great need of new shocks will tend to make her puke. Luckily she puked before we got in the new car.

So I have my mojo back. I am sorry I have not been around, I am woefully behind on updating my blogs, checking my email and all sorts of other house cleaning.

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