Because they build sucky, ugly ass cars.

Except for my first car, which was a Ford, I have driven nothing but Chevrolets. I like to buy American, but the automakers don’t make it easy to support them. I spent the last several days researching vehicles online. I spent yesterday at a dealership test driving several cars. I hate car shopping.

I drove the Aveo, the Cobolt and the Equinox. I used to drive a Malibu Maxx. I didn’t even test drive the new Malibu since it is way out of my price range and the used ones are too.

The Aveo is just too small. It is also made of 90% Korean parts and it is assembled in Korea. How that makes it an American car I have no idea. The tires on it are about the size of the tires on my daughter’s bike, the training wheels. Even the salesman said that driving the vehicle on the freeway with a light breeze is challenging. There is no leg room. That is not hyperbole it is simply the fact. If I was driving around with people who had lost their legs in some horrible accident it would be a useful car but my children happen to have legs and so do their friends. There is no place for them to put them anywhere since the back seat smacks up to the front seat. I truly think the front seats were a mistake as they could take them out and one could just drive from the rear seat.

The Cobolt is a little bit bigger than than the Aveo and a bit smaller than my Malibu. I actually almost bought a Cobolt when I bought the Malibu. I didn’t because I needed to be able to fit a wheelchair in the trunk and the trunk of the Cobolt isn’t large enough. Since I don’t drive my mother around, we use a transportation service that the wheelchair can be wheeled into and secured, that isn’t a consideration anymore. I could probably get two or three bags of groceries in the trunk. If we went to cabin for the weekend we’d have to take two cars to get the children, luggage, dog and groceries up there. The car is just too small.

The Equinox has more space. I could get everyone, the dog and plenty of groceries and luggage in the car. The problem with the Equinox is that while it is an attractive vehicle on the outside on the inside it looks like something from the 80’s. And cars were not attractive in the 80’s. There was a tape deck in the vehicle I drove. Can you even buy tapes anymore? Not standard is power windows. I haven’t rolled up a window since the 80’s and I don’t intend to start now. How the hell am I supposed to talk on the phone, drink my coffee and apply mascara if I have to roll up the windows without pressing a button?

I haven’t even picked out the car yet and I am crabby. Ahead of me is making the deal. Waiting at the salesperson’s desk while he or she talks to the manager. It’s all bullshit and I know it is because I sold cars for a few months 7 or 8 years ago. I know I am going to get screwed.

What pisses me off more than anything is that I have already given these businesses lots of money, so have you all. We have also given the banks lots and lots of money and so have you. These people are going to pull my credit report, see I have had a few late payments and then they will make me jump through all sorts of flaming hoops. I will get a higher interest rate and I will feel lucky if they choose me to be able to purchase one of their sucky cars. I’m going to ask to see their credit report. I might have a few late payments but I haven’t defaulted, I have never filed bankruptcy and I have never had the tax payers bail me out. I have also never bought a luxury jet.

I’m still going to get screwed.

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