New Study Reveals Bloggers Get their Periods at the Same Time

I made that up, there has been no study, but like college it seems that a lot of bloggers, at least the ones who hang out in the virtual world together, seem to write about the same stuff at the same time. Don't worry guys this doesn't mean you are or have grown a vagina, it just means you are in sync with all the

New Study Reveals Bloggers Get their Periods at the Same Time2009-11-16T10:38:24-06:00

Help With Sex

My sex toy party is tomorrow night and due to all the illness we've had here in the last few weeks I sorta forgot about the whole thing. I need ideas for food. I am serving appetizers only and people are bringing wine but I need ideas for appetizers. I was thinking along the lines of little weinies and other phallic shaped foods. The problem

Help With Sex2009-11-06T09:12:54-06:00

I’m Having an Adult Toy Party

An adult gathering with a bunch of women, and a couple of guys just for fun. Actually I'm having an adult toy party, but that doesn't sound like nearly as much fun as a sex party. We don't talk about sex in St. Paul. If you want to talk about sex you have to cross the river and go to Minneapolis where they talk about it all

I’m Having an Adult Toy Party2009-10-15T13:40:08-05:00

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