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Today I cleaned out my garage. Due to the washer/dryer fiasco on Christmas I finally have those machines out of my garage. This allows me to put my ’96 Tahoe in the garage instead of parking it on the side of it. Leaving my truck out in the elements has not been good for it. The body is still in pretty good condition, considering it has been completely rebuilt twice due to two major accidents several years ago. However all of the door hinges and hood hinges are getting really rusty. That tends to happen when it gets covered by snow and doesn’t get driven for six months at a time.

So anyway, I’m organizing the garage to make room for the truck. We have some of those folding chairs that people use on the beach or at sports events. They fold up rather neatly and take little room. They also have little cup holders in the arm rests. As I am folding them up and putting them on a shelf I hear something drop on the floor. You till never guess what it was. The phone I have been looking for. The one I posted about over here months ago. I knew it would turn up as soon as I bought another one which I did two weeks ago. Apparently one of the kids used the phone one night when we were sitting around the fire in the backyard. It had to be back in September as I think that was the last time we roasted marshmallows or hot dogs. We usually do this the first week the kids are back in school. I’m assuming one of the kids used the phone and tucked it into the cup holder. When the chairs were put away, while it was dark, it was missed and has been out there ever since. It’s been charging all day and appears to be no worse for wear having spent months in the freezing garage.

When the phone was first lost I blamed it on my son since he is always leaving it off the charger and in odd places. He was forced to search high and low for it which he begrudgingly did. He gave me a lot of crap for blaming it on him and felt justified when it never turned up.

Turns out mom was right….again.