Summer officially starts in our house this afternoon. Last night my daughter and I stopped at Half Price Books to find the book Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones. She also wrote Howl’s Moving Castle. Anyway, seems the second book isn’t as readily available at the used bookstores so we went to Barnes and Noble to find a copy. My daughter is hoping to read 80 books this summer, which seems like a lot.

But if she reads that many books she will be out of my hair for most of the summer!!

Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways are the only books we’ve nailed down so far but this infographic looks helpful in finding a great read. Maybe not for kids but if you’re looking for a summer book you can probably find it on this chart.

I went to school with an author on this infographic and I went to the same school as another author on this list (though he died long before I was born), can you guess which two authors I’m connected to?

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