I was supposed to have this posted yesterday but I was flat on my back, and not in a good way. I don’t think I have the flu, I have no fever, but I feel like crap. Muscle aches, headache, crabby, sniffly, sneezy and coughing. I’m sure it’s a cold because I have been eating liverwurst for two days. If it were the flu I wouldn’t be able to do that. I don’t usually eat liverwurst but it reminds me of my mother and I think I really want someone to take care of me right about now. Liverwurst is the closest I could get.

There will be no pictures of me today.

Getting back to baby assed smooth skin. When I visited Becky at Stormsister Spatique I had a forehead full of acne. I never had acne as a teen, in fact I have always had really nice skin. Five years ago I developed acne on my forehead. I attributed it to the stress from my divorce and didn’t bother doing too much to fix it. The divorce lasted for two years and as soon as that ended I entered a whole new realm of stress when my father died and I was caring for my mom. The stress was ratcheted up another notch when it was time to move my mom to a care facility. For the last year I have had considerably less stress but the acne still didn’t go away. I tried all sorts of products, department store brands and drugstore brands. Nothing made much of a difference. My acne was never a priority but it did bother me. I could cover it up with make-up but I knew that was no answer.

So when I showed up at Becky’s shop Stormsister, I wasn’t really even thinking about my zits. I was thinking about my hair but she took one look at my forehead and asked me what I was using. She suggested I had been drying my face out trying to dry out the zits which was really causing my face to produce more oils and causing more acne. I knew I was drying my face out but putting more cream on my face seemed counter intuitive. Becky asked me to trust her and gave me a sample of Equavie cleansing milk.

Again Becky wanted me to use up the products I had and slowly begin to incorporate the new products in so we started with just the cleansing milk.

The first night I washed my face with the cleansing milk and then my regular facial soap. This was wrong because the soap stripped off all of the softness the cleansing milk left behind. I was confused by the process and emailed her right away saying I was doing it wrong and needed some help. She emailed me back, told me to take a deep breath and suggested that I just use the cleansing milk and see how that made my skin feel.

The next morning I tried it again. I used only the cleansing milk and some moisturizer she had also given me. The cleansing milk left my skin hydrated. It felt smooth and soft, I didn’t feel as if I had just had a face lift because my skin was so dry and tight. It was a weird feeling to say the least. I was afraid that my skin was too greasy, that I hadn’t cleaned it sufficiently and told Becky as much. She again asked me to trust her and to continue using the product for a week. She cautioned me that I might break out due to the change of product but to see it through the whole week.

I didn’t break out. In fact my acne cleared up in about three days.

Becky had also given me some samples for my son to try. He does have a fair amount of acne, being a teen who works in a pizza parlor, and wasn’t having much luck with the drugstore products I had gotten for him. She gave him a cleanser, a moisturizer and a sample of a mask. When I saw the mask I mentioned that he was not likely to use it but that I would present the products to him and let him do what he wanted.

He balked at the mask immediately. Made several comments about how he was not a chick. I just told him to give it a shot, explained that it would draw out the dirt and oils from his face and then let him do as he pleased.

In my email conversations with Becky I mentioned that he wasn’t too excited about using girly products. Her response was: “As soon as they realize they will not grow a vagina when they use these products they tend to get with the program and are happy with the results.”

Sure enough, he did not grow a vagina and his skin cleared up within a week.

I have to add here that Becky made one more suggestion. She said that as long as both of us were suffering from acne that I needed to be a lot more fastidious about washing the pillow cases. I wash the sheets once a week but never considered that our pillow cases might be part of the problem. I do a lot of wash during the week so adding our pillow cases when ever I washed was no big deal. I’m sure that washing the pillow cases frequently that first week contributed significantly to both of our faces clearing up so quickly. It’s been nearly a month, I don’t wash the pillow cases but once a week now and our skin is still clean.

My skin is soft, smooth and the few wrinkles I had been developing appear to be reduced. I’m more hydrated now so it makes sense. I don’t think I can turn back time and erase the slight crows feet I have, and frankly I don’t want to, I earned these wrinkles on my face and I wear them proudly. In addition to using a product that doesn’t dry out my skin I have been trying to get off the Diet Crack and drink more water. I know this helps too. I live in a mean climate. Cold and dry in the winter and hot and humid in the summer. My face takes a beating but the Equavie makes it feel wonderful. This product might not be for everyone so check with Becky and tell her what your climate and skin is like. She will be able to assist you in finding the product that suits you best.

I must also mention that the moisturizer that Becky gave me was from the Phytoceane line. She gave me five different samples so I couldn’t tell you which one made a difference. I do know they are marine based rather than plant based. Why that makes a difference I don’t know, ask Becky.

My son has still not grown a vagina.

Becky is still offering a 20% discount on all of her products, just mention this post if you go into the store or enter REDHEAD at the checkout online at Stormsister Spatique.

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