I’m still getting the feel for this WordPress thing.

I’ve had tons of help from Stacie over at Super Mommy to the Rescue, she also gave me two awards today so go over there and take a peek. She has a lot of fun stuff and a lot of really serious stuff too. A wonderful place to stop and have a coffee. If you are looking for a little debate on the should-Polanski-go-to-jail-for-being-a-rapist issue stop by Predator Press and chime in. And lastly, I recieved a care package from Pricilla the other day. She sent me several bars of her wonderful soap, a couple of stickers for my daughter and a card that was so sweet. My kids love her soap as much as I do and before I even had a chance to smell all the wonderful bars of delicious soap my son grabbed one and took it to his bathroom. Daughter immediately wanted to take a bath to try the lavander cow shaped soap, which, if you buy, is like a coupon for 15% off your entire order. The stickers have also gone to good use. One is on my daughter’s lamp so she can see Pricilla illuminated and the other one is on the back of my son’s truck. I love Pricilla.

If you are interested in seeing famous rock star bulges from the past stop over at I Do Things, JD has a hilarious post of some of the greatest rock star bulges of all time. I warn you however, not to click on the Rod Stewart bulge, it’s just not something you want to see in the morning, or anytime really. She also has a picture of one the Jonas Brothers. I’m sure there are all kinds of things wrong with posting a Jonas Brother bulge but there it is for you to decide.

On a completely unrelated note, my son announced that he has a meeting with MIT next week. He said this as he was eating breakfast this morning, like it was no big deal. He is only a junior but is taking this college thing really seriously. I am so proud of my son, I can’t even begin to express what a great kid he is. I don’t know how he turned into such a great person, I certainly did a lot to mess him up and yet he is so smart, compassionate, intelligent, funny and just an all around wonderful guy. I am truly blessed.

If any of you have me in your blogroll would you please check the URL and change it to this address? I’d really appreciate it.

Have a great