If you’re at all familiar with the Sour Patch Kids you know that for the past few years of commercials they’ve been involved in “sour” actions followed by small, insufficient “sweet” moments. Well, it seems the legal system is catching up with them now and it’s time to stand up and demand justice in the highest court of human opinon: Facebook.

The SPK Facebook page sets out the case and lets fans upload evidence of the Sour Patch Kids wronging them in videos or photos. Fans upload evidence against the Sour Patch Kids of how they have been ‘wronged’ to the Trial Facebook tab and the SPK’s shark lawyer posts rebuttals to as many of the cases as possible. Fans who upload cases will receive personalized video rebuttals from a hilarious, condescending, kind-of-a-jerk lawyer- all in good fun of course.

We’ve got bags of Sour Patch Kids candy as well as branded t-shirts to giveaway so please enter below!

More info:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sourpatchkids
The People Vs. Sour Patch Kids: www.SourPatchJustice.com
Videos of what the Sour Patch Kids have already done:  http://youtu.be/mkbYlY1Lul0