As my son was leaving the house for school this morning he said

“Mom, pick me up an electric shaver and some Axe aftershave.”

My first thought was to give him the tweezers since my son gets his hair from his dad’s side of the family. His dad has never been able to grow a beard or anything resembling a beard. When he tried in the past it looked like he wiped his hands on his face after reading the paper before they switched to smudge free ink. I was hoping he would have just a little of the facial hair gene from my side of the family. Just a little, since all men on my side have to shave not only their face but also their neck and back. Hell, even some of the women have to shave their back and neck.

I told him I would pick up a razor and some shaving cream for him. He told me he really didn’t want to be bothered with all that mess and an electric shaver would be better. I convinced him that electric shavers don’t work as well on “younger” hair since it was finer than “older” hair. Hey it was 7 am and I hadn’t finished my coffee yet. He seemed to buy it. Now I have to talk him out of the Axe after shave. That stuff is horrible and these kids like to bathe in it.

Before he walked out my daughter told him we were going to the Build a Bear Workshop today and asked him if he wanted a bear. I assumed he would say of course not and paused long enough for me to think that he was coming up with a smart ass reply and then he said. “What do you think? Of course I do”