I haven’t had time to watch TV lately. I have missed the first week of the new season. There were a few new shows that looked pretty good but now I can’t remember what they were or where they were. If you have any suggestions for good TV watching please let me know.

At the moment the only thing I really try to watch is The Big Bang. It’s a stupid sitcom but it makes me chuckle and that is really what I am looking for. I tried to get back into ER since it is the last season and they are bringing back a bunch of characters from the old seasons but I haven’t watched in at least six years and I really don’t have a clue who anyone is. I couldn’t get through the first show of this season.

Prime time starts at 7pm in Minnesota. This is a bad time for anyone with kids. When I used to visit my grandparents in Cincinnati I was always annoyed that prime time started an hour later. Now I really wish we had that going on here.

I have On Demand but unless the show was on CBS there isn’t much offered. I’m okay watching the news channels now but after the election I will have nothing to watch.