I’m a little irritated. I have had my ads for KOQ rejected several times today. This is not a new thing but I wrongly or naively assumed it really was because of the design of my ad. Which in all honesty was hastily thrown together. However I had them redone professionally and they look fabulous. However there are still many blogs out there that do not want to feature my KOQ ad on their website. Mind you none of my other blogs ads have been rejected.

I won’t name names but I will say that these are “mommy blogs” that are rejecting me. Not the funny ones. These sites are from women who fill their page with flowers and crafts and all sorts of crap that takes forever to load. Why I wanted to have my ad on these blogs is no mystery, I just hit the “advertise on this site” button for inexpensive ones and where the ad was above the fold. I did read the page before I tried to advertise on them and must have thought they were cute or something. It might have been hormonal.

I can respect these girls wanting to maintain their innocence. Hell, I was a new mom once and I remember how I wanted everything to be perfect for my son. I had fantasies about our little family of mommy, daddy and baby and how we would raise a perfect child. I woke up when my son was about six months old and never looked back however.

The novelty of parenthood wore off for me as it does for most of us. Reality set in when I tried to potty train my son. He had a wonderfully large vocabulary, we were able to have conversations about the potty and it’s purpose, he seemed to understand what I was asking of him, he said he would use the potty. I just didn’t realize that his idea of using the potty and mine were a bit different. He illustrated his perspective rather well one afternoon when he emptied my wallet of five crisp twenties and flushed each one down. Getting him to use the potty for any other activity was just an exercise in futility for me. He “got it” on his own time and my reasoning, cajoling, yelling, crying and bribing had no bearing on when it was time for him to “get it”. We both grew.

What gets me about the rejection of these ads is that it is these women who run the highest risk for perpetuating the need for a blog like KOQ. They see things in black and white. There is no gray. Their children could never in a million years possibly be gay. And the possibility that their husbands might be is simply blasphemy. They want the world to be perfect and I understand that.

The thing is, if these girls really understood how things worked they would thank a lesbian. These women are single handedly saving our world. They do it with their partner, their children, their moms and dads. I don’t know where they have the time to do all that they do to stop the spread of injustice but they are doing a great job. I certainly understand why they don’t have time to shave.

These innocent young girls will eventually snap out of it. Their kids will reach the age where they begin to talk back and it will surprise the hell out of them. Their husbands will get sick of all the crafting supplies and the hours their wives spend crafting when they could be “crafting” with their husbands and they will grasp onto the first warm body that thinks they still have testicles. Reality will finally rear it’s ugly head and they will learn that they really never had any control over their kids, their husband or their lives. For some it can be a heartbreaking experience followed by alcoholism or other addictions or they can get with the program, admit they don’t have a clue like the rest of us and wing it developing a wicked sense of humor in the process. It can fall either way.

I don’t take their rejection personally, especially because they have embraced my other blogs. It’s not about me. And it isn’t even about the content of my KOQ blog. It’s about having the word “queer” in a one inch by one inch box on their website and how that clashes with everything else they so want to believe in.

* I have to state emphatically that I have nothing against crafting blogs. In fact I enjoy a lot of them and am amazed of the talent that some people have. This is not the crafting I am talking about. I mean craft as a hobby or something to be tried a few times and then move on to something new. I did a lot of this when I was a new mom because I could feel my brain turning to jelly watching Barney three times a day. I’m not dissing the art blogs, bead blogs or any of the people who take their craft seriously. I mean craft as distraction not passion.