Am I the only one who has not been contacted by a pollster? With all the talk of the polls I would have thought someone would have called me but I haven’t received one call asking who I would vote for.

I do believe these polls are a bit skewed toward the left just a bit. None of my right wing nut friends have been polled either.

Speaking of voting and all that the other day they were complaining about voter fraud. All these homeless people who had been registered to vote or the people who registered numerous time to vote. Why don’t we do what they did in Iraq? Make everyone dip their finger in some permanent ink after the first vote. When the person goes to vote again just check their finger.

Is anyone else getting tired of this election? Have you figured out what you will do when it is all over? Regardless of who wins I think there will be a lot of people who suffer withdrawal when this election is over. Of course it won’t last for too long we have the 2012 election coming soon so we might get a couple of weeks before we start all this madness again.