Should Marion Jones be pardoned?

Marion Jones is asking President Bush for a pardon for her conviction this past year on her involvement with steroids use and a check cashing scheme. She has served her time in jail and is looking to have the felony taken off her permanent record.

At first I thought sure, pardon her. What’s the big deal? She defiled her body not anyone else’s. She was stripped of her medals and awards so why not? But she lied to everyone and said she did not use the steroids. She has since fessed up that she indeed did use them. She cried and publicly apologized.

I think this is one of those times where you just suck it up. She made a mistake, a big mistake, and she should have to live with the consequences.

It seems lately with these bailouts happening left, right and center that if you are wealthy or a celebrity you get a pass, sometimes many passes. The rest of us don’t. We have to live our lives honestly and responsibly if we want to stay out of prison or keep our businesses growing.

What do you think?