Poker Night meets Picasa.

Image by _ambrown via Flickr

Apologies to Lady Gaga but I couldn’t think of another poker reference. Though now that I think about it using a quote from the song The Gambler might have worked too. Of course none of the young ‘uns would have gotten the reference (they also wouldn’t have seen the movie, ugh!).

Notwithstanding my poor choice in introducing the subject of online poker…if you are looking for a place for all your online poker needs you need to look no further than At you can learn all about the best places to go to play real life poker (like Vegas and Monte Carlo) and you can also find out about the best tournaments out there for the professional poker player (who knows, you might run into Topher Grace or James Woods at one of these tournaments).

I don’t play poker, I don’t have a poker face. I’m a redhead so my face gives everything away. I can’t lie and I can’t cheat without turning all kinds of crazy shades of red. Hell, I can’t even play Old Maid without giving up my hand. No, I don’t play poker but if I did I would  be all over Check ’em out! You know you want to.

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