As my daughter and I were walking home from school today she was talking with other walkers about the upcoming election. I promised her that I would take her to the polls with me tomorrow
and she is excited to go. I’m pretty sure she thinks she gets to vote.

Most of the other kids are all going to vote for Obama. When one little boy told her that he was going to vote Obama she told him that she was voting McCain.

“Even though he is really old and ugly I’m voting for John McCain (yes, she knows both their full names) because he won’t take my toys and give them to another kid who can’t get his own toys.”

The child she was speaking to thought about this for a moment and declared that he too was going to vote for McCain, even though he was old and ugly. He then told three more children the deal and they too declared that they were voting for McCain.

When it is explained to a child so they can understand it makes a lot more sense.

Too bad they can’t vote.