I have been trying to go through the remainder of my dads stuff that ended up in my garage. I need to get rid of it so I can actually park my car in there. Dad was a collector, hoarder is probably more accurate but it was neat and not overwhelming to the eye since he had a large house. It was overwhelming to those of us who have had to take care of it. In the last few years of my dad’s life, after he retired, he became a target for direct mail and internet marketers. He had boxes of coins, stamps, and a host of other junk. We sold off the coins right away. It was horribly sad how much money he wasted on these scams. We were not able to sell the stamps or more accurately the replica stamps.

These are 22k gold replica stamps. The coin people said there wasn’t enough gold to take the time to get it off the paper. The stamp people said the same thing and since they weren’t the real stamp they were useless to them. One of the guys at the stamp collector store suggested that I take them to a convention or give them to the grandkids. I’m not going to a stamp collectors convention and giving them to my kids doesn’t solve my problem of getting them out of my garage. I have done nothing with them for nearly a year.

Yesterday I put three of them on eBay. Guess what? There are people who dig these kinds of things. Who knew? I can only imagine these mousy guys with pocket protectors emailing their friends about this listing. I can see how many people are watching the auction and the number keeps growing. I had the first bid within minutes of listing it. I really hope they sell because I have boxes and boxes of them.

I realize I have just jinxed it.