My son just got home from school and handed me two notes. He is not a kid who gets in trouble so I wasn’t concerned. Although he takes great pleasure in preparing me for that unlikely event every now and then by coming in the house after school and announcing he has been suspended. “Just joking, mom!”

I ask him which note I should open first and hands me the one that is a form letter or copy sent to everyone and no one in particular. This note says that some staff had overheard some children talking which led them to question a student which then led them to find a gun in another students locker. That’s it. No details, no names. According to my son the child was immediately expelled and may have been in the jr. high. But he has only heard rumors. I’m sure this will be on the 5 o’clock news tonight but I doubt I will learn any more than that.

I want to know who this child was that got hold of a gun. I want to know what these kinds of kids look like and then I want someone to point out his parents. I’m assuming its a boy but I really don’t know. I want to know where they live so I can keep my son away from them.

The second note was an invitation for my son to start taking college courses. He is a freshman.