It might seem like it but I’ve not killed this blog — yet. I haven’t even thought about killing it because, honestly, I forgot all about it. Sure, the idea that I should update passes through my head when I get notification of spam in the comments, but other than that I haven’t thought much about it.

I planned on writing, a lot, back in July. In fact, I had all kinds of post ideas and I even started them in draft (title only, but it’s something!). I had planned to write about the coming end of summer and how I was glad it was going to be over soon as well as a not so funny posts asking when is a good time to put the dog down? I don’t know the answer, still waiting for nature to take its course because I can’t seem to take action on that one.

I miss blogging here. I blog everyday on many other websites, but that’s for work and is incredibly boring. By the time I’m finished with all that writing as well as designing new websites for clients who really don’t know what they want I’m too tired to write for myself.

Of course Facebook is much easier so that’s where you’ll find me. The problem with Facebook is I’m connected to so many clients, not to mention acquaintances, that I would rather not share personal information there. They may know I have this blog but from the looks of my traffic no one is visiting from Facebook. Not that I’ve tried promoting anything on Facebook because, obviously, I haven’t bothered to write anything.