I recently started a second job at a clothing shop out at the mall. The store I work for is a national chain that sells clothing to the plus size woman. I have learned many things in my few weeks working there:

There are a lot of women who are not a size 2 running around. The women who shop in my store look about as average as I have ever seen. There are a few larger women but by and large (no pun) they are just normal sized women.

I have always had body issues. I have always felt fat but I can barely wear the clothes sold in this store. Most of them are just a little too big. Working here has made me realize that I am really not as fat as I thought I was.

Most of the women who shop here are strikingly beautiful. They dress very nicely and accentuate their best qualities and carry themselves very well. What is most striking about them is that they have an incredible amount of confidence. Confidence is beautiful no matter what size you are.

Cross dressers like to shop at my store. This is not surprising.

The men who accompany these women are also very attractive and surprisingly fit. Like in all dress shops they patiently wait while their women try on everything. I had a great idea the other day that a TV and video game console should be installed for these guys to entertain themselves while they wait. The sports channel would work too but then they might not want to leave.