I was interviewed last night by the amazing Ramble Redhead. If you are wondering why a show that scores fabulous interview subjects wanted to talk to me I’ll tell you. I’m fabulous. Well my other blog Kids of Queers is anyway. I was on the Ramble Redhead show to bring awareness to others that the GLBT community are no different than the rest of us. Ramble’s reason for his show is to help youngsters who are gay accept and love themselves for who they are. It is a worthy cause and one I am proud to be a part of.

Tom of Ramble Redhead has had some wonderful guests recently. If you want to hear a hilarious interview take a few moments to listen to his interview with Ant, the host of Celebrity Fit Club. Hilarious and sad all at the same time.

You may be asking yourselves why the hell am I talking about all this gay stuff over here. Why not post this one at Kids of Queers? You’ll see in a minute.

Tom and I had talked about doing the interview a couple of months back. Due to both our busy schedules we only got around to now. We were actually supposed to do it last week but Tom’s car broke down and I had sick kids experiencing withdrawal from all the sugar they ingested for their birthdays and Valentine’s Day. So we scheduled the interview for last night at 8pm.

I told both of my kids about this interview and how important it was to me that they take care of their own needs for at least an hour while I was on the phone. I explained to them that the interview was being recorded over the phone and I didn’t want the yelling, bickering and calling each other “poop” going on while I was being recorded. I asked my son to call his girlfriend and ask her not to call 32 times because no one was picking up the phone. I also asked him to look after his sister and make sure that she didn’t come up to my office while I was being interviewed. I then explained the whole thing to my daughter. Yes I explained it over SpongeBob but I made her repeat what I had said to make sure she heard me. If she needed anything, I told them both, she was to ask her brother for help.

I went upstairs, shut the door and waited for the call. Tom called a few minutes later and we talked a bit before the actual recording took place. I knew this was probably a mistake since I only had a few minutes before hell would break loose but I didn’t want him to know that I had absolutely no control over my children.

About ten minutes into the interview I heard a muffled “mom” coming from downstairs. This was followed by a louder “mom” half a second later because I didn’t answer her the first time. Followed by “mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, MOM!!!!!” And yet I still didn’t answer. I didn’t answer because I didn’t think the sound could be heard over the phone. I was upstairs, she was downstairs and the door was closed. I figured my son would take care of since he must be able to hear it as well.

He didn’t attend to his sister. Instead she decided to come up to my office, even though the door was closed and she had been warned not to. She stood outside my office door, which has no door and pantomimed that she was hungry or about to puke. She then took a seat on the floor, still outside my office, and sang songs about Pokemon.

Luckily Tom tends to ramble on a bit so I wasn’t doing a whole lot of talking. Which was good since I was throwing my arm at my daughter, snapping my fingers and ending up pointing towards the stairs for her to get the fuck out of my office now.

Eventually she left only to go downstairs and yell “mom!!!!” many more times.

I should have done many things at this point But I still wasn’t sure if all this was being picked up over the phone.

It was. Tom said that indeed he did hear my demanding little princess over the phone but since I wasn’t excusing myself he figured we just keep rolling.

I should have excused myself from the interview and taken care of my child. I should have excused myself from the interview and rung my son’s neck for not taking care of his sister while my interview was taking place. I should have duct taped her mouth closed and tied her to a chair.

I think I might just do that when she gets home from school today. The punishment might be too late, but it will make me feel a whole lot better.

I’m not sure when the episode airs but as soon as I know I will post it.