Ahh, Memorial Day. The day people use to catch up on all the yard work they never have time for.

It’s also the day people spend driving home from wherever they went for the weekend. I just spent three hours on the road in what should have been just over an hour. And I spent it with idiots.

Last I checked the posted speed limit was not just a suggestion, it’s actually the law. I hear that you can get pulled over if you are driving faster than the speed limit. You’d never know it however. I spent most of the time on a stretch going 80 mph. The posted speed was 70 mph. I went over the speed limit because I was getting nasty looks from other drivers when I was going the posted speed. And yes I was in the right hand lane.

This weekend, at least here in MN, marks the beginning of summer. It could still snow but the chance of it actually happening is slim. For the last decade Memorial day has been a wash out. This one, it was supposed to rain but it didn’t. It was a beautiful weekend. I can’t remember the last time I had three days in a row of sunny and warm. It was great.

Too bad I spent the whole weekend painting the house. Not even the house really but just the pillars on the front of the house. I spent 7 hours scraping alone. It sucked. When I was finished painting I raked pine needles off the grass and watered the rest of the time. I have not yet had a chance to relax and I’m too high strung from all the work this weekend to enjoy the holiday. I should be sitting on the back deck with a few friends drinking a beer but all I want to do is go to sleep. I’m only posting because I noticed it has been a week since my last post and I just feel too damn guilty not to put something out here. I’ll come up with something better tomorrow I promise.

Happy Memorial Day!