I got a bunch of stuff today but not one item is enough to make a full post. I think this might qualify as Random Thoughts Tuesday.

I finally have a delivery system for my eBook. I’m using E-Junkie. So far so good. It’s cheap and really easy to use. And no one has to wait, while I finish up in the bathroom, to get their copy. My son designed the cover which I think is pretty neat. The cost of the eBook has increased to $7 but all the goodies and freebies are still there, including the free week long trial on Adgitize and a free week of advertising on my site. So go ahead and order it, you don’t have to wait for me to deliver it, it’s automatic!

I took Stanley to the groomers today to get a bath and to get his nails clipped. He was a big wuss at the groomers and cried the whole time. He’s back now and because he had his nails clipped I can’t hear him walking around anymore. It’s really nice but is freaking him out. He really is a stupid dog.

I have a bazillion clocks in my house. Most of them antique wind up kind of clocks. I have a grandfather clock which surprisingly still works even though it has made the trip to Seattle and back from St. Paul. Usually they don’t move very well. I also have a few other that belonged to my father. They usually just sit there but last week I decided to see if I couldn’t bug the kids by winding all the clocks. I hadn’t bothered winding the other two because neither one of them seemed to keep time for more than a day. When I opened them up to wind them I learned why they don’t work for very long. One of them is a 24 hour clock and the other is a three day clock. All three were ticking in sync for a whole 24 hours. After that I said fuck it and stopped winding the other two.

I want to thank everyone for writing posts about my cookies, I had lots of buyers and shipped them all out yesterday. If anyone would like to order cookies, today is the last day for orders if you want them before Christmas.

As for my holiday depression, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. And actually I am feeling a little better about the whole thing, at least for right now. I’d still like some gorgeous guy to come knocking on my door baring a Mercedes and a diamond necklace but if he doesn’t that’s okay too.

My keyboard broke the other day. The space key stopped working which made reading my sentences really difficult. I grabbed the spare keyboard that has been tucked in my closet for about two years. I hate this keyboard. It’s smaller and the buttons don’t have to be hit so hard to make a letter appear on the screen. It doesn’t make the same noise either. It also isn’t filled with crumbs and spilled coffee that has dried on it. It is clean, I can identify the keys because the letters are still clearly printed on them. The last one I had I managed to wear most of the letters off which would probably make my typing teacher from 7th grade happy to know.

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