Today we are going to take a little tour of my new site. I have to admit that WordPress themes, while a little challenging at first, actually have some cool little features.

First off you’ll notice if you look above the title for this post that there are two tool bar thingys. I used to know a lot more technical terms for things but frankly all the really important information in my brain has been squeezed out to make room for the lyrics to Sponge Bob, iCarly, the new Miley Cyrus song, Party in the U S A, and the TV schedule for Monday and Tuesday nights. Sorry, “thingy” works well.

Where was I?

The toolbar right above the title has a few of the categories I use for my posts. This is a feature that Blogspot did not have. Blogspot has Tags, which I used randomly and with no sense of organization. When I moved my blog over here I had 300 different tags (remember I am not organized and thus the tags were useless to me). WordPress converted them all into categories which made that top toolbar really big. So I deleted all the categories and have been reorganizing all my posts. Eventually you will be able to click on one of the category tabs up there and find a related post. That’s the hope anyway.

Above the category toolbar is another toolbar with a few tabs as well. These are separate pages that I can make any way I want. First off there is the “About” page. This page is obviously about me. Which is kinda stupid since the whole blog is about me but since all blogs aren’t about me there might be a need for a page about someone else, if it were someone else’s blog. Are you following me? There isn’t much there because it seems redundant but eventually I might put some interesting facts up there that you can easily reference. Why you’d want to I don’t know but I’ll throw some stuff up there soon.

Next to the “About” page is the “Redheads” page. This page has facts galore on redheads. I stole it from, who is also a redhead but one I don’t know. It’s an old page so I figure she won’t notice. Check it out, I learned a lot about being a redhead and I’m already one.

The next tab is “Stuff I Like” I may be changing the name of this tab but for now that was the best I could do. This page has links to all things neato, cool, or otherwise fun. Right now I have free beer and sex toys up there. Moooog has just left this page to go check it out. I’ll put offers, fun stuff and other things that are cool but that I don’t want to write a whole post on. So check it out often as it will change frequently.

On the right hand side you will find all my widgets. Entrecard, Adgetize, which is a great site since they pay you to advertize there and my own advertising widgets in the event you want an ad over here. These will change occasionally as I learn which buttons are beneficial and which aren’t. I’m really trying not to clutter up the site with a lot of junk but I need to figure out which ones perform.

I also have my blogroll over there. If you would like to be on my blogroll simply leave a comment here or send me an email {redheadshesaid [at] gmail [dot] com} It would be nice if you returned the favor and put me in your blogroll.

That concludes our little tour, please feel free to look around. The next tour should be coming through in an hour or so. Someone grab Moooog on the way out.

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