I’ve been doing the whole Entrecard thing for about a week now and I have a few thoughts on it.

First and foremost using it has increased my blog traffic considerably. It’s also increased the amount of comments I get so I couldn’t be happier that I have spent 175 hours browsing websites this week.

There are a lot of blogs out in the blogosphere. Duh, I know but I had been stuck in my little neighborhood for a long time so this has been an eye opening experience for me.

The majority of the blogs suck.

Unless you have a blog like The Junk Drawer, I Do Things So You Don’t Have To, Wit’s Bitch, AmyOOps, Smoker’s Lounge, Crotchety Old Man, Cabbages and Kings or Canucklehead… then for God’s sake please put your damn card at the top of the page.

There are an awful lot of happy housewives with too much time on their hands. You’d think with all that time they could learn to use SpellCheck and produce at least a mildly interesting post. But no.

The whole snow flash thing on your blog…It’s been snowing where I live for the last three weeks. I’m tired of shoveling, I’m cold, and I have seven months before I get to see my grass again. I don’t want to see snow when I’m surfing the web. If it isn’t snowing in your part of the world you don’t get to use the snow thing.

Is Pinoy a place? A state of mind? A multi level marketing tool? I don’t know. And I haven’t been intriqued enough to find out. I know they have SEO and good for them. They are messing up the web. No one reads this stuff and no one makes money off of it except for the guys at the top, the ones you paid to get your site in the first place. Go get a real job and stop filling the internet with garbage that no one wants to read.

People love their cats.

I enjoy finding websites that are in a different language, especially ones that don’t use our alphabet. I don’t feel a bit of guilt for dropping and running.

Chances are if I left you a comment I forgot to leave my card. Sorry. I have to drop first.

I never knew there were reusable panty liners.