Ryan O’Neal and his son with Farrah Fawcett, Redmond O’Neal, were arrested last week on drug charges. Apparently authorities stopped by for a routine probation stop at the home of Ryan O’Neal. Redmond is on probation for several past arrests for heroin and methamphetamine.

Both Ryan and Redmond denied that the meth found in the home were theirs.

My first reaction to the claim that it didn’t belong to them was ‘yeah, right’. Innocent people are constantly getting arrested for holding other peoples drugs. I know friends are always asking me to hold their meth for them. I made a room in the basement with little cubby holes along the wall just for that purpose…

People should not get arrested if the drugs don’t belong to them but they most definately should if they are stupid enough to hold drugs for their friends.

As I read more of the story I noticed a quote from Tatum O’Neal:

“Addiction, if untreated, can lead to jail, institutions and death,” the actress who herself was arrested in June 2008 on possession charges said. “I love them both and (am) sorry to hear about this.”

Ok…I forgot about her. Maybe the drugs really aren’t Ryan’s or Redmond’s.

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