I’m pretty sure I called Nadya Suleman insane when I first heard of her and her 14 kids. I still think she is insane for going to a fertility doctor and implanting 8 embryos into her womb and it seems to me he is a little nuts too.

As a mom of two I know how hard it is to raise kids. As a single mom, I know how difficult it can be to support them and yourself. I understand being tired, broke and at my wits end about how to make ends meet. I only have two, I can’t imagine the stress of having 14.


Nadya “Octomom” Suleman was on the Today Show to defend her decision for accepting food stamps from the state of California. She told Matt Lauer that she had only recently started getting the assistance and that it was only a temporary solution to her financial problems. Matt pushed her for her solution, how was she going to support her kids financially, what was her plan?

Here is the link to the interview with Matt Lauer and Nadya Suleman.

She defended herself by telling Matt that she was earning money from many different sources but it wasn’t enough (To feed and clothe 14 kids costs about 10k a month). She is making money by being a celebrity on Dial a Star (1 (888) 695-4543 $14 per minute) and from advertising on her website (if it’s Google ads she isn’t getting much). There are plenty of websites that purport to be her but after digging around it is clear they aren’t. I found one that is a donation site for the Suleman family, I’m not sure it is legitimate. She also has a movie coming out later this year. In the past she has posed nude and was even in a soft porn movie though she ended up not getting paid.

As a single mom I can’t help but feel sorry for this woman. She is doing everything she can short of prostitution to take care of her kids and I bet it has crossed her mind.

Not Michele Duggar

Why doesn’t this woman have a reality TV show to support her kids? Where is Ty Pennington with a newly remodeled home for her brood?

Why is it okay to give a show to likes of the Duggars and Kate and that other family with a shit load of kids but not to this woman who clearly needs the income and is probably a lot more entertaining than any of the large families currently on TV?

Hollywood is one of the most liberal places in the county and yet they refuse to help this woman out. The hypocrisy is stunning.

I guess there are good single moms and bad single moms and clearly Nadya Suleman falls into the category of bad single mom.

Come to think of it there really aren’t any reality shows about the struggles women face as single parents. Why is that? Is it because it isn’t sexy (it’s not) or because we don’t want to face the fact that we talk a lot about helping the less fortunate but when it comes down to it we don’t want to help someone out who made a bad choice. Doesn’t matter if that choice was sleeping with a dumbass who refuses to participate in the care and raising of his children or if the mom impregnated herself with 8 embryos.

Maybe the worst choice she made was not to abort a bunch of them?

Winners and Losers

Hollywood chooses winners and losers all the time so why not make a winner out of the Suleman family? It certainly can’t be because they think it will encourage more women to have 14 or more children because most women aren’t insane. If anything, the show will be a cautionary tale and might prevent this kind of behavior.

If it makes the Hollywood elite feel any better they can just tell themselves this isn’t about helping out Nadya, this is about helping her kids.

If Hollywood can make millionaires out of the Kardashians then why not give Nadya a bone? I’d much rather watch Nadya and her kids than Kim, Kloe and Kourtney

Let’s get Nadya Suleman a reality show and if we can’t do that can we at least get her book deal (I’ll be your ghostwriter Nadya, I know you don’t have time). And if we can’t do that can we at least get her an appointment to fix her eyebrows?

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