I was originally going to steal Kathy’s What’s That post and just put this picture up and have you guess what it was. I was going to post a smaller picture obviously but when I was taking the picture my son ridiculed me for falling back on filler that wasn’t my schtick. Apologies to Kathy who does it much better. My son suggested I write a post about my book and what I was doing with it. And since he has been so helpful with my book it seemed like a good idea.

I’m working on my book again. I have found focus and my angle, so to speak, I have 87,000 words written but am now reworking it into something that isn’t just babbling on for as many pages as that is. For those of you who are new here my book is about growing up in a mixed orientation marriage family. In other words I was raised by a gay dad and a straight mom. My mom had a debilitating stroke when I was four and that is also a big part of it. It’s a memoir which seems rather arrogant when you consider I am a nobody and haven’t done much of anything but hopefully it will be entertaining and insightful.

So, I am knee deep in that, which isn’t always wine and roses. It’s a dark subject on a lot of levels even though it had a lot of bright spots. Even though I have written most of it I am reworking it so that means I have tossed out a lot of those 87,000 words and am writing new words or at least putting them in a different order. I have been writing about 2000 words a day. And they are good, much better than the words I had strung together before. Way better.

But, the thing is, writing is hard.

Life doesn’t happen in a coherent fashion and trying to piece it together for a reader is not easy. I am struggling with the organization more than the anything else. I tend to ramble and that doesn’t work in a book, at least one that I want to actually have published.

So after writing 2000 words that actually make sense each day, and I am making sense of them as I go along, I don’t have much desire to write any more words. I’m not taking a break but I’m letting you know that my writing might just suck here a little because I can’t think much on this plane after spending hours writing other stuff.

If that makes any sense.

And, nothing of any interest has happened in my life yet. Fear not, for school has just started and I expect notes to be coming home from the teacher at any time in the near future.

*I totally stole that little shoe thingy from somewhere, I can’t remember where anymore but it was from a restaurant and I thought it was cute, actually ex#2 was the one who did the pilfering but since I got it in the divorce it seems reasonable that I take the blame.

** See, I can’t even write a sentence properly anymore.