Last night the Governor of California survived the recall. The people of California want more homelessness, more public defecation, drug use, more taxes and more crime. They don’t seem to be bothered by the hypocrisy exhibited by most leaders of the state. California is on fire in more ways than one.

I’d make fun of California, but I live in Minnesota and we will do the exact same thing this November.

Our Governor isn’t up for election until next year, but our mayors are this year. I live in St. Paul and while I will not be voting for Melvin Carter, I can promise you most of the residents will.

We are following in the footsteps of California right down to wildfires.

Apparently we can’t get enough of the homelessness that is out of control in a city that gets too cold for people to be living on the street close to half the year. Our winters used to keep the homeless out, or at least keep them off the exit ramps and boulevards with their cardboard signs gumming up traffic as do gooders hand them bags of deodorant, granola bars and toothpaste that litter the street along with the human waste that is so prevalent.

I have nothing but empathy for the people begging on street corners for pocket change, I don’t understand why our mayor and governor don’t. We could solve the homeless problem, we have the mindpower, the money and the resources to tackle this problem, and yet we just keep doing the same damn thing which seems to be nothing.

Governor Newsom was recalled due in part to his handling of the pandemic – which for him was partying with friends and family sans mask. All the democratic big wigs campaigned for him using the fear of a return to Trump if they voted him out. It worked (it always does), because people are either too stupid or too scared to fix things.

Crime is up in both California and Minnesota, and just about every other state. In the Twin Cities where “defund the police” began, cops aren’t stopping people in their vehicles for tickets, they aren’t chasing suspects in vehicles and if a suspect is actually apprehended, is let out within hours to commit more crimes while awaiting trial.

I grew up I the 70s and 80s in the Twin Cities. The decay that had taken place in the 60s gave way to a rebirth that lasted through the 90s, sadly now we’re heading back to bordered up and burned out buildings. The small businesses that survived the pandemic, didn’t stand a chance against the crime. Our mayor doesn’t care for them, though I am not sure why, they’re just the backbone of a healthy society.

I’ve never been to California, I used to want to visit, but now I’ll spend my travel dollar elsewhere. I can get everything California has to offer right here – except for celebrities (thank God!).

Last night I was texting with a friend who lives in California and asked her if she had voted, she had but, didn’t hold much hope that her vote would make a difference. I feel the same way in Minnesota, my vote doesn’t mean much, but I keep voting hoping one day the masses will wake up and try something new. Honestly, if more and more homeless encampments, increasing crime and skyrocketing murder rates aren’t enough to compel you to try something new and different, I’m afraid to find out what is.

*why is progressivism so regressive?