I was going to write about the most recent gun incident in my son’s school but I’m saving that for another time. I just don’t want to write about that right now.

I have nothing to write about today so feel free to move on if you like, I’m just going to babble on for a bit.

For some reason I am in a really snarky mood. I’m not in a bad mood and nothing bad happened to me but for some reason I am only able to come up with snarky comments today and so far it has irritated a few people.

Why do people post music videos on their blogs? I’m not talking about classic videos or old stuff that is fun to come across but the current top 40 videos that some people feel the need to share. I’ve run across Beyonce and Halo a couple of times today already. I get that it might be a slow day, and some people have nothing to say but still feel the need to post, but put some South Park up instead.

Apparently Kate Gosselin got a new hairdoo. Is this news? Really? What is news is that it took 20 hours. She had a crappy hair cut before but 20 hours? I could have fixed it in about five minutes with a nail clipper.

On the darker side Artie Lange, a guy on the Howard Stern show, attempted suicide by stabbing himself 9 times. Ouch. Man, there are easier ways to off yourself than by stabbing.

I made an awesome chili earlier this week, a big chili which no one else wants to eat. So I have been eating it at least one meal a day. Even the dog won’t come near me now. I’m probably contributing to our worsening green house gases.

I saw the movie Precious the other day. I didn’t like it for a lot of reasons. Sorry Jayne. I did see 2012 and had a blast. The story was silly and the message was corny but the world falling apart was way cool. I only hope it’s that cool to watch when it happens in 2 years.

It’s still really cold here.

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