This past week I have had friends visit from Seattle. I spent the several weeks prior to their arrival trying to make my little house look as good as it can. I put some fertilizer on the brown spots on the lawn; I pruned the bushes, and put down mulch. I also put lights on my deck and found this really cool metal sculpture thing to hang on my garage. I put window boxes under the windows of my garage. I spent most of my time on the outside since we were likely to spend more time out there than inside the house.

When they arrived last week the yard looked good but the brown spots were still there. They were no longer brown but there was just these little wisps of grass growing up through shredded paper. I had luckily spent a great deal of time watering so even though we haven’t had much rain my lawn is nice and green except of course where the brown spots are. Since the patches had not healed I made apologies for my brown spots.

My guests are not the kind of people who would care. First of all they live in Washington where even though they are known for having a lot of rain it doesn’t rain much in the summer time and by this time they have given up on a green lawn. Secondly they came to visit me and my family and could care less what my lawn looks like. I love them for that.

Today as I was heading out to leave for work I looked at my grass and noticed that indeed the brown patches are gone, a few days late but better late than never. Of course now that my friends have come and gone I really don’t care all that much about my lawn. I’ll keep cutting it and watering it if we don’t get rain but I won’t be out there till dark picking out the creeping Charlie or praying that the grass seed takes. Summer may as well be over now.