Can someone please explain to me why it is “Art” when one hangs Sarah Palin in effigy but it is a hate crime when the same thing is done with Barrack Obama’s likeness?

There was a likeness of Barrack Obama hanging from a tree on the University of Kentucky campus. Police immediately took it down and the university president Lee Todd promised to personally apologize to Senator Obama for the horribly offensive display.

Meanwhile in California there is a likeness of Sarah Palin hanging from the garage of a couple of “artists”. The FBI has looked into it but have so far found there to be no threat to Sarah Palin.

I understand why the likeness of a black man is so offensive. Shouldn’t the likeness of a white woman also conjure up images from our past history that we are ashamed of? Remember the Salem Witch Trials of 1692? Women were strung from trees regularly as punishment for being witches. This should be just as offensive as the likeness of a black man hanging by his neck from a tree.

I do however understand that Barrack Obama is getting a pass. At first I thought it was because he was young and inspiring and people really wanted change. I now believe that he is getting a pass because he is black. No one wants to appear to be racist so there is no holding him accountable for his actions. Sadly this hasn’t worked very well in the past.