I have a gray car and so does everyone else. I can’t tell you how many times I have stood in a parking ramp unable to find my vehicle without pressing the key fob to make the lights flicker to give me a hint.

On two occasions I have gotten into someone else’s car because they both looked like mine. It was only upon seeing the Mexican blanket in the front passenger seat that gave one of the cars up and the other smelled of smoke so I was tipped off before I got too comfortable.

Because I have a grey car I don’t have to wash my car as much and I am less likely to be pulled over. Want to know what color car will get you ticketed?

It’s an interesting theory that a red car gets you pulled over more often than other colors. Alternatively, many people think having a white vehicle lets you get away with all kinds of traffic violations. As this article reports there is no studies that support the assumption that a red car gets you pulled over more often. The truth is if you speed or drive erratically you will probably get pulled over, regardless of what color your vehicle is.